Portfolios - Frequently Asked Questions

Portfolio is simply a collection of stocks and/or indices. You can use portfolios to track a group of stocks/indices.
See an example here.

In this website, you can create, edit, share your portfolios and also share, like, follow, monitor portfolios created by other users like you.
No, you don't need to login. We have simplified the portfolio creation process, just click the 'Create Portfolio' link and start adding your stocks and save. However, such portfolios also know as 'Anonymous' portfolios and can be modified by other users. If you want to create a portfolio that only you can edit, then a Login is required.

Our site enables you to login through external sites like facebook, twitter or google. Try it now.

We do not store any passwords and there is no new password that you need to remember.
A private portfolio is a portfolio that only the owner can see after logging in. A public portfolio is visible to everyone, but only the owner can edit.

You don't have to login to view, share or monitor public portfolios.

Anonymous portfolios are public portfolios created without logging in. Such portfolios are visible to everyone and anyone can edit them.
When you like a portfolio, you are just letting everyone know that you like that portfolio.

When you follow a portfolio, you will start receiving email alerts when the owner of the portfolio makes changes to that portfolio. For example if you follow Porinju Veliyath's portfolio owned by the user 'Cent', whenever the user 'Cent' adds, removes or edits quantities of the stocks, all followers of this portfolio will be notified of the change. This is a great new way of notifying portfolio decisions to followers.

When you follow your own portfolio, it is like following each individual stock in that portfolio. You will start receiving alerts on results, dividend announcements etc.

Not just that, we will also notifiy you of any new research reports published by popular brokerage houses. Its a new powerful way to keep in touch with the markets in real-time.
Yes, you can delete a portfolio created by you. If the portfolio is public, remember it could have followers who will be disappointed by your decision. All followers of a public portfolio will be notified of your action after the deletion.
To delete a portfolio, click on 'edit' link for your portfolio. Click on 'Delete this portfolio' to delete your portfolio.
You can discover portfolios in many different ways. You can search for portfolios, search for users, see user owned public portfolios on their profile page etc.

When you browse the overview page of a stock, you will be shown a list of portfolios containing that stock. You can take a look at the 'Top Portfolios' on this site, 'Celebrity' portfolios, Top % gainers etc.
Many portfolio widgets containing links to many different portfolios are placed all over the site to help you get started.

You can also follow other users of this website by clicking the 'Follow' button on their profile page. When the users you follow create new portfolios, you will be notified by email.
If your portfolio is private, only you can see that portfolio. Edit your portfolio, make it public and save it. Now your friends and everyone else can view your portfolio.
Edit your portfolio and enter the quantities for the stocks and save. Pie-chart will automatically show when you view the portfolio now.
Yes. Edit the public portfolio, uncheck the box next to the item that says 'Show portfolio networth to public' and save the portfolio. Now, only the owner can see the networth. Everyone else can still see the Portfolio Allocation chart.
Weightage percentages are calculated immediately after you edit/save a portfolo. Also during the midnight after each trading day networths and weightages of all the portfolios are re-calculated.
There are different kinds of rankings for public portfolios.

Portfolios are ranked based on 'Popularity' or 'View count'. These are also known as 'Popular' portfolios.

For public shareboss system portfolios with portfolio allocation information, networth and networth ranks are also calculated during the midnight of each trading day.
Also, top portfolio networth % gainers and % losers are calculated and ranked under the widget named 'Top Portfolios by % Gain' or 'Top Portfolios by % Loss'.

Remember, for the top % gainers and networth rankings, only official ShareBoss system portfolios are considered. The % gains are calculated and ranked based on the previous trading day's closing prices. Beware splits, dividends, bonus issues etc are currently not taken into consideration by our system which may result in inaccurate information. You can contact us by email if you notice any such issue. We will take our best possible efforts to resolve them asap.
Most celebrity portfolios (created by ShareBoss official users only) are updated once in 3 months, based on the quarterly shareholding pattern announced by the respective companies that these celebrities own. Remember users can create their own version of celebrity portfolios and post them publicly. So, always verify independently before making investment decisions based on portfolios on this site.
There could be many reasons. Companies report the names of investors only when their shares exceed 1% of the company. Our portfolios capture only such information. When an investor holds less than 1% of a company, those investments may not be reflected in our portfolios.
The investor could have invested in another name for example, in the name of his company or in the name of his family member.
Our portfolios are only updated once in 3 months, so there could be a delay due to this large interval. We at ShareBoss.in will try to increase the frequency of updates in order to improve the accuracy level of these portfolios.
You could email us, or you could also leave a comment in the comments section of the portfolio. For faster response from us, we prefer email communication.
It's up to you. We continue to iterate that these portfolios are not recommendations to buy or sell stocks. Read our disclaimer and terms before continuing to use or services.
This website is a public forum and so always independently verify the information provided before making any investment decision.

Shareboss portfolios will follow the NAV approach to measure portfolio performance. Read more about NAV (Net Asset Value) here and here.

NAV will be calculated everyday for all portfolios except ace investor portfolios and portfolios which do not have share quantities. Rankings will also be displayed within our site letting users take a peek at top performing portfolios.

Ace investor portfolios will not be tracked using the NAV approach as their buy price of stocks cannot be determined. If the portfolio contains no quantity for all of the stocks then NAV will not be calculated. Users can continue to update their portfolios with their buys/sell actions and NAV will be tracked automatically.

Closing prices of the stock (either BSE or NSE) will be used for calculations. Currently you cannot input the transaction date for your buys/sells. This prevents users from entering historic transactions in order to manipulate their NAV.
Ace investor portfolios do not show NAV for the reasons mentioned in the previous question. Public and Private user portfolios should display their NAV. Sometimes we encounter issues retrieving either current or historical prices of stocks, which can cause the NAV calculations to stop for that particular portfolio. Email us if you want to fix such issues for your portfolio.
Special situations like bonus issues, splits, demergers and mergers are not handled by our system yet. This will cause issues with the NAV calculations. Users are adviced to make appropriate changes to their portfolios if their stocks are affected during such special situations. For example, on the day before stock bonus/split, the user could exit the stock and buy again the next day, accurately inputting the new quantities.

Trading commission costs are not taken into account for the NAV calculations.

In spite of our system being tested enough for inaccuracies and errors, it is still possible that the NAV may be inaccurate. Email us if you see discrepancies.