Fantasy Portfolio League Rules


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Read our League FAQ Page to find out how FPL works.


  1. Only public portfolios can contest in the league, private portfolios are not eligible
  2. Portfolios are editable until the enrollment closing time. Once the enrollment ends, portfolios are locked and no changes can be made until the contest ends.
  3. Contest duration will be listed on the site and can vary from contest to contest
  4. Entries are limited, and the max no. of allowed entries will be listed in the contest page
  5. Contest investment requirement can vary and will be listed on the contest page
  6. A user cannot enroll in more than 20 contests at any given time
  7. User cannot enroll the same portfolio in the same contest more than once
  8. User can enroll up to 2 different portfolios in the same contest
  9. User can edit the portfolio any number of times, but only until the enrollment end time
  10. Official users of ShareBoss (like Cent, Pro etc.) are exempted from some of the contest limitations/rules
  11. 'Virtual money' equal to the investment requirement of the contest will be automatically deducted from your available virtual balance immediately after you join the contest.
  12. Portfolio returns will be credited back to your account as 'Virtual Money' at end of day on the contest end date
  13. At midnight or after trading hours, on the enrollment end day, all enrolled portfolios will be allotted quantities for the stocks based on the contest investment requirement. The composition of the original portfolio will be retained as much as possible
  14. Thought its not our intention to prohibit portfolios from participating in contests, at times it may be required to do so to certain portfolios, reserves the right to suspend/withdraw portfolios with or without giving notice or reason.
  15.'s automated allocation process will ensure fair practices and the allocation is final. User requests to modify the allocation will not be entertained unless absolutely necessary

Quotes, Stocks, Indices & Cash

  1. Items cannot be traded in a portfolio once the enrollment period ends.
  2. End of day closing prices will be used for all networth related calculations. Mid-day prices maybe used to update the mid-day leaderboard.
  3. Portfolios can contain virtual cash, stocks and indices traded in BSE or NSE, and only those currently listed on this site.
  4. Portfolios can be 100% stocks, 100% indices, 100% cash or a combination, there are no limits to weightages
  5. There is no minimum limit to the number of items in a contest portfolio
  6. No transaction fees (commissions) real or virtual invovled to buy or sell stocks in portfolios used for the contests.
  7. Quotes for the stocks/indices can be retrieved from any of the exchanges (BSE or NSE) at the sole discretion of
  8. Price variations can occur between the exchanges and the decision to use quotes from one exchange or the other is entirely upto for networth calculations
  9. Special cases like bonus, splits, dividends, mergers, delisting etc are not currently accounted by the FPL software engines and as a result there may be wild fluctuations in portfolios and/or rankings/winners. will take best efforts to resolve those issues but accuracy is not guaranteed.
  10. Users are recommended to avoid Special case stocks (those which have an imminent split, bonus, merger etc.) to avoid discrepancies in calculations. can suspend/withdraw certain portfolios from contests if a resolution to discrepancies cannot be found in a timely fashion.
  11. When Indices are part of portfolios, the index closing value becomes the price used for networth calculations.

Currency, Rankings, Networths & Points

  1. Any references to the Indian currency, ₹ or the terms like investment, money, amount, profit, loss, change, networth, cash, balance, returns, interest, principal, price etc in the league does NOT refer to any real money, and refers only to only virtual money which has no real cash value.
  2. Cash balance (virtual) will not bear any interest (virtual) and hence the returns for such balances is 0%
  3. The closing price or the last traded price from any of the exchanges will be taken for networth calculations
  4. The closing price or the last traded price on the day prior to the contest start day will become the 'Buy Price' and the closing price or the last traded price on the contest end day will become the 'Sell Price' for items in the portfolio.
  5. All calculations will be rounded to 2 decimal places only
  6. Winners, rank holders, participants and their teams will be awarded points based on their performance
  7. Points are a measure of an individuals performance and cannot be constituted as endorsement or recommendation to buy or sell
  8. Rankings, Networths and Points are not guaranteed to be accurate at all times. There could be times when due to human or software errors discrepancies could occur. Users should promptly notify us when they see issues and we will try to resolve them in a timely fashion
  9. in cannot be held accountable for any errors on their part or their affiliates/vendors part. This is a virtual, experimental platform intended for learning purposes.

Suspension or Termination

  1. reserves the right to suspend or terminate any portfolios or user accounts at any stage of the contest from participating or continuing in specific contests or the entire FPL league with or without any reason and with or without or notice
  2. reserves the right to suspend or terminate any contest at any stage of the contest with or without any reason and with or without or notice
  3. reserves the right to suspend or terminate the entire league with or without any reason and with or without or notice


In case of inaccuracies in ranking lists, networth calculations etc., will make best efforts to rectify them as soon as possible.'s decision will be final in case of any disputes arising for whatsoever reason and any requests to alter leaderboard or winners list may not be entertained. Users are requested to volunteer and report us of any discrepancies/inaccuracies in information or data. will make all efforts to resolve them in a timely fashion. or its employees, affiliates cannot be held accountable for any damages whatsoever for any discrepancies in data or information displayed on this site. Email is the preferred method of communication to notify us of any issues.


The FPL is a fairly new idea and will take some time to evolve. reserves the right to change the rules at any point in time with or without notice. Be assured that the change in rules will only be to benefit the community as a whole.

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