Frequently Asked Questions

FPL or Fantasy Portfolio League is a fantasy stock market game for the Indian stock markets created by Using virtual money you can build portfolios, participate in daily, weekly, monthly, yearly FPL contests, compete with other similar users, celebrities and also compare your performance with other contestants and benchmark indices.

This platform will help you research stocks, learn or fine tune trading skills, exchange ideas with other contestants, at the same time measure and showcase your trading skills with other similar users.
Stock market has proved to be a major investment avenue for all classes of people all over the world, and at the same time one of the less understood and most feared markets among the commoners. There are inherent risks in investing in the stock market, and just like sports or education, training & experience can make you a better investor. Books, websites and trading with brokerage firms using real money are some of the options for investors to get started with the markets

Investors can lose money in the process of learning the markets when trading for real money with brokerage firms. No good platform exists for someone to learn, train and test skills without having to lose money.

Not anymore. Fantasy Portfolio League aims to fill that gap by offering a virtual trading platform to test, train or practice your investing skills. With FPL its possible for anyone to create portfolios with virtual money, contest in various FPL challenges, monitor and compare portfolio performances with many other similar users.

Only about 2% of the Indians choose to invest in the stock market as compared to over 50% in USA. Fear of losing money, lack of market reach etc are keeping away a significant percentage of investors. More retail investor participation in the stock market will only help improve the Indian economy as a whole, bringing in more investment to develop the economy, which would have otherwise gone into the gold and real-estate markets.
At we want to partcipate in the process of promoting stock market as an alternate avenue of investing, by providing a free research platform to keep in touch with the latest market developments, analyse stocks, exchange & showcase ideas. FPL is a new extension to's existing research platform, for users to learn, develop & test their market skills without having to incur any risks of the playing with real money.

We hope that people will be able to use their experience at FPL to prepare themselves against the risks that the stock markets hold.
No. This is strictly a simulation platform to learn, test your trading skills and also research, gain knowledge of the Indian stock markets.
Anyone, who is legally a major, can contest in the FPL.

Read our disclaimer and terms before continuing to use or services.
Portfolio is simply a collection of stocks and/or indices. You can use portfolios to track a group of stocks/indices.
See an example here.

We have simplified the portfolio creation process, just click the 'Create Portfolio' link and start adding your stocks and save. However, such portfolios also know as 'Anonymous' portfolios and can be modified by other users. If you want to create a portfolio that only you can edit, then a Login is required.

You can search portfolios created by other users like you here.
Virtual money in ShareBoss is NOT real money and has no cash value. It is digital money issued by this site and can be used only within this site.
This money cannot be converted into real cash or transferred to other users and it has NO cash value.
Each registered user gets ₹ 1 Crore virtual money, at the time of registration.

This virtual money can only be used to invest on this site in FPL contests that run every day throughout the year.

Every FPL contest has a required investment specified in the contest page. This investment could be anywhere between ₹ 5 Lac and ₹ 50 Lac. When a user joins an FPL contest, he infact uses his virtual money from his ShareBoss account, to invest and compete in the FPL contest. So, in theory a new user can join upto 20 numbers of ₹ 5 Lac investment contests. As soon as the user joins a contest, virtual money equal to the investment amount for the contest will be withdrawn from his account and his virtual balance goes down instantly. After the contest ends, the virtual money invested in the contest, including profits or losses will be credited back to the user's account.

Over time the user's virtual money balance could go up or down based on the performance of his investment portfolios in FPL. The user's objective will be to choose the right investments to grow his portfolio and outperfrom other contestants, celebrities and benchmark indices.

The user can keep track of his investments and his cash balance by clicking on My Balance. It can be inferred that the higher the FPL networth of a user in this site, the better his portfolio performances in contests.
You could run out of virtual money or have insufficient balance to contest, in one of the following two ways
  1. Your portfolios are enrolled in contests which have not ended. In this case, you just have to wait for the contests to end and use the investment returns from the enrolled contests.
  2. Your portfolios performed poorly wiping away your virtual money over time. In this case, you can register yourself as a new user and start fresh. Also its time to think what went wrong in your investment strategies
Joining a contest in easy, all you need to have is a public portfolio to participate.
  1. Login using your existing facebook, gmail or twitter account
  2. Create a public portfolio
  3. Once you have your portfolio, you can join any FPL contest by going here. Just select the portfolio and the contest and click the 'Join' button
Each FPL contest has a limited number of entries allowed. The number of entries can vary depending on the type of contest and can also vary as the contest rules changes over time.

Once a contest is created, there is sufficient time given for the enrollment process. There will be no dearth of contests at the FPL.
Remember, there are new contests starting every day.

We at will ensure that users get plenty of contest options at all times.
Our system will automatically credit back your portfolio returns, within a few hours after the contest ends. Wait till the next day morning, to see if the virtual money is credited back, if not, email our support with the contest entry details and we will try to manually resolve it for you.
For one day contests, the rankings and networth could be updated during the trading hours. For all other contests the rankings will be updated at midnight or during after-hours of a trading day. We will try to increase the frequency of these updates in future to provide a near accurate view of the rankings.

Winners can easily be tracked by monitoring the leaderboard. reserves the right to change the rankings, networths and the winner lists at a later time if inaccuracies are reported in the calculations.

Stock splits, bonuses, mergers, delistings, suspensions and other such special cases are not handled yet by our software, which could adversely affect your and other user's rankings.
No. There is no real money involved and no real prizes for winning contests. This is a virtual platform for testing and analysing your market skills.

However, points are given to ranked users and also the teams they represented. The points table lets you keep tabs on the overall score.

We hope that the points system will help you identify users who made the best calls. You could like or follow such users who have gotten themselves ahead of the rest. You could also track their portfolio pickings, exchange ideas with them by commenting and also learn a thing or two from their winning strategies.
Most people have an IPL team affiliation. After all, FPL is also a gaming platform and so why not teams at the FPL to make the gaming experience more fun?

We hope that you will be able to choose a team you like, based on your geographic location, language or choose a team without any reason. Remember, these teams can have ace investor portfolios competing for them in contests.

For example, Nandan Nilekani's holdings will compete for Bengaluru Racers, Tina Ambani's holdings competes for Mumbai Sharks.

You can join their team or compete against them, also measuring your portfolio performance in comparison to their portfolios. Also, with these teams you have a new way of bonding with other fellow contestants from your team.

Here is a list of available teams at the FPL. Click on the teams to find out more about them.

Points are awarded to winners, rank holders and contestants. Points are awarded based on factors like the duration of the contest, performance of the portfolio etc. A 365 day contest winner will get more points than a one day contest winner. The team also gets a percentage of the points that are awarded to the user.

Points are really a measure of how well the user predictions went right based on the stock market movements. It can really help identify users who have gotten most of their market predictions right.
One can like or follow the winners, monitor their portfolio pickings and learn from their winning ways. After all, the aim of FPL is to train, test ideas in order to become better at market predictions.
Yes. You can change your team affiliation any time you want and any number of times you want. There's only one caveat. If you are already enrolled for contests those entries will still have the original team that you were associated with at the time of entering the contest. All new contests that you enroll later will show the new team affiliation. Remember, if you win a contest or become a rank holder, then the associated team will get bonus points.
Yes and No. Yes, you can edit and re-balance your portfolio before the enrollment end time, which is usually the day before the contest start time. After the enrollment ends for a contest that your portfolio has been registered, you can still edit but the changes will not be seen in your contest.

You can always create any number of new portfolios to enroll in a different contest.
No, you can create portfolios with or without virtual money. However, if the portfolio is enrolled in a contest, then on the day of the contest start time, the portfolio will automatically be adjusted to an investment equal to the initial capital for that contest. This adjustment is necessary so that your portfolio becomes measurable in terms of performance in comparison to other contestant portfolios.
On the day of the contest start time, your portfolio will be automatically allotted stock quantities by our system. The ratio of allocation depends on the number of stocks and cash that you may have in your portfolio. We try our best to retain the original composition of your portfolio and allocate accordingly. For example, if you have 5 stocks in your portfolio and no quantities specified for your stocks, we will allocate capital equally to all the stocks. Your portfolio after the allocation will consist of the same 5 stocks with roughly ₹ 1 Lac each as virtual investments for a contest with an inital capital requirement of ₹ 5 Lac . Any petty cash remaining will show up in your virtual cash balance.

After the allocation the portfolio's profit/loss will be calculated based on the stocks and their market values in the portfolio.
Your portfolio can consist of stocks, indices or cash (virtual). The cash portion of your portfolio shows up as Cash balance.

When our system automatically allocates or adjusts your portfolios to an amount equal to the required initial capital (which could be anything ₹ 5 Lac, ₹ 1 Cr, or ₹ 50 Lac etc), there could be some petty cash remaining after the allocation. This petty cash is added to your cash allocation and shows up as cash balance.
No. The cash balance does not accumulate any interest and so the return rate on such balances is 0%.
There are limits to the number of portfolios one can use in contests. This limit does not apply to's official users.

Official users are there to enroll team portfolios, ace investor portfolios and other index portfolios. They are there to make the contests more competitive and at the same time let users use them as benchmarks for perfomance comparisons.

If you find a non-official user exceeding such limits, please let us know and we will promptly suspend the portfolio from the contest, if a violation has really occured.
Official users of ShareBoss like (Cent, Pro etc.) have much more virtual money allocated to them, as they are allowed to enroll more entries than a normal user. So, for official users you may see extraordinary networth on their FPL page.

If you find a non-official user exceeding such limits, please let us know and we will promptly suspend the portfolio from the contest, if a violation has really occured.
FPL is all about making this platform fun, competitive and interesting. Imagine yourself competing with the likes of Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, Sanjay Bhakshi, Ramesh Damani, Porinju Veliyath and other successful investors.

The public holdings of investors is well known information and we at have taken that information, made them into public portfolios and allowed them to be automatically enrolled in contests. These enrollments are not endorsed by the celebrities, neither recommendations to buy or sell, but are there to make your investment learning experience more fun and competitive.

This feature makes it possible to compare performance with the performance of successful investors. Wouldn't it be thrilling for you to win a 365 day contest with the virtual portfolios of Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, Porinju Veliyath or Tina Ambani?
FPL is about comparing your returns with other contestants, ace investor holdings and popular indices.

When a new contest starts, our system automatically enrolls a few portfolios. One of them is called 'India-Indices'. This portfolio is a collection of the major indices of the Indian stock market. This portfolios, because it is automatically enrolled for every contest in FPL will let you compare your contest portfolio returns with this portfolio. In your contest entries list, just look for this portfolio and click on it. You will now see data on how those major indices performed during the contest period. These metrics are also displayed in a small tabular format on the contest entry pages, these small tables named as 'Benchmark Indices' & 'Ace Investor Portfolios'.

As of now, this auto enrolled 'India-Indices' should be sufficient to compare your portfolio performance with that of the major indices.
Remember FPL is a fairly new idea and it can evolve over time, with ever changing rules. You can find the latest rules here.
Anything involved with real money or stock market has inherent risks. FPL which uses only virtual money and real stock market prices is not without risks, however they are minimal.

Human and software errors, could result in inaccurate portfolio networths which could result in inaccurate rankings and points. However, be assured that the team is committed to reducing these risks, and fix the issues as soon as possible to make your virtual trading experience fun and useful.
This site is not a brokerage site to trade real shares for real money.

There are many popular brokerage firms you can open a real trading account with. One of them is Zerodha, which allows you to do commission free delivery based equity trading.

See link below. You will also find Zerodha ad links at various pages on this site.
You could email us, or you could also leave a comment in the relevant page at the bottom, for other users or official users to respond.

For faster response from us, we prefer email communication.