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Over three lakh links on display from some of the top portals in India covering stocks & indices from the Bombay Stock Exchange and the National Stock Exchange. Some of the portals bookmarked for you are Bse India, Nse India, MoneyControl, Google Finance, Yahoo Finance, Value Research Online,, etc.

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  Corporate Notice Alerts - Get instant corporate notices in your email. Jut hit the 'Follow' button of your favourite stocks and start getting corporate announcements like results, board meetings etc.
Follow as many stocks as you want individually or follow an entire portfolio and get notified for all stocks in the portfolio.
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  Stock Market News - Read latest market news feeds, analyst views, stock recommendations from some of the top financial news portals in India, like MoneyControl, BusinessLine, LiveMint, EconomicTimes, NDTVProfit etc.

  Currencies, Commodities & World Markets - Read latest commodity, currency and world stock market news feeds, analysis from some of the top news portals like Forbes, Bloomberg, Reuters, CNBC, MarketWatch,, Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, Kitco, Business Standard etc.

Tweets, Blogs & Videos

  Street Tweets - Our 'Street Tweets' and 'Street View' feature lets you read tweets from some of the top investing minds, brokerage firms & top government policy makers in India. Our TV page lets you watch video snippets from popular business TV Channels like CNBC TV18, Awaaz, Bajar, Zee Business, NDTV etc.

Read stock related posts/tweets in the Social Media section of any stock page. Also shown are posts from other social media sites like Google+.

  Top Blogs - The 'Top Blogs' feature lets you read blogs from some of the best investing minds & successful investors in the Indian stock market.

We have indexed stock related blogs on the web and display their links in the Blogs section of your favourite stocks.


  Portfolios - Create, monitor, share a portfolio of stocks. Create as many portfolios as you want, make it public or private.

  Top Portfolios - Monitor portfolios of some of the top investors, stock exchange indices in India. Use the portfolio search feature to discover new portfolios.

Analyse, comment. discuss your ideas on various portfolios using our message board. Our users have tried to create portfolios of Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, Sanjay Bhakshi, Ramesh Damani, Porinju Veliyath, Dolly Khanna, Ashish Dhawan, Professor Mankekar and many more.

Portfolio League

  FPL - A fantasy trading game for the Indian stock markets using virtual money and real market prices.

  Virtual Money - Every new user to this site will get virtual money equal to ₹ 1 Cr. This virtual money can be used to enroll in various FPL contests. The capital invested in contests range from ₹ 5 Lac to ₹ 50 Lac. After the contest finishes, winners, rankings, returns & latest virtual networths of contestants are published, the portfolio returns are credited back into their virtual account in ShareBoss. Read our League FAQ to find out more.

  Contests - New FPL contests start every trading day. Many durations to choose from 1-day, 2-days, 3-days, 1-month, 3-months or a year long contests. Learn, test, showcase your trading skills. Compete with other users like you, with the market indices and with other popular ace investor portfolios.

Whether you like to trade based on fundamentals or technicals or both, you can pick the right contest duration to suit your style of investing.
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